Ethnic Caravan Collection

Custom orders for similar pieces or for variations of items in this collection are welcome.

The Ethnic Caravan Collection combines ethnic and tribal influences with a touch of the contemporary.  Jill uses materials such as Venetian glass, fossilized stone, African glass, trade beads, ancient carnelian and quartz, prayer beads,Chinese turquoise and jade, and inlaid Tibetan brass, to create this collection.  Necklaces often display antique pendants, crosses, ancient coins, or amulets from Africa, India, Tibet, Afghanistan, and the Far East. Many Ethnic Caravan items are one-of-a-kind; however similar pieces are often available using the same types of materials.  Fittings and clasps are of sterling silver, the metal kindest to the wearer.

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Lapis with Vintage Tibetan Pendant

C 012   SOLD The dramatic vintage Tibetan pendant on this 17" necklace is in exceptional condition.  The silver is sterling with lapis, turquoise, and coral stones.  Multiple strands of lapis rounds and chips accentuate the stones in the pendant.  The clasp and decorative end cones are oxidized sterling silver.  This is one "statement piece"! Matching lapis earrings on sterling wire are also available.

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Hubei China Turquoise Necklace with Vintage Silver Amulet and Charms

C 414 This five-strand, 17" necklace is made of lovely rounded turquoise nuggets out of Hubei China.  The nuggets range from blue to green with wonderful brown and copper toned veining.  Tiny flower studded vintage silver charms from Afghanistan peek out from the nuggets and and a vintage amulet from India, in excellent condition, serves as the focal pendant. The decorative end cones and clasp are of sterling silver. The matching earrings hang from sterling silver wire and are included in the price.


Antique Silver Mergaf Pendant with Natural Blue Coral -SOLD

C 101  SOLD A very special antique silver Mergaf-style pendant is the star of this necklace.  It looks beatiful paired with natural blue coral rounds.  Two sterling silver Bali beads from Indonesia and a sterling silver toggle clasp complete the necklace.  The pendant was handcrafted by Israeli silversmiths in the early 1900's and is in excellent condition.  This is one of Jill's favorite ethnic pieces, as pendants of this style and condition are so difficult to find.  Matching earrings on sterling silver wire are also available for this unique and rare piece.

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