The Jill White Collections

Original jewelry designs with contemporary, organic, and global flair

Custom orders for similar pieces or for variations of items in the collections are welcome.   Most items are available special order only.

Jill White Jewelry: The Ethnic Caravan Collection

Necklace in the Global Caravan CollectionThe Ethnic Caravan Collection combines the flavors of ethnic and tribal influences with a contemporary touch.  Jill uses materials such as fossilized stone, African glass, trade beads, Chinese turquoise and jade, and inlaid Tibetan brass, to create this collection.  Necklaces often display antique pendants, crosses, and amulets from Africa, India, Tibet, and the Far East. Many Ethnic Caravan items are one-of-a-kind; however similar pieces are often available using the same type of materials. 

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Jill White Jewelry: The Earth and Sea Collection

Necklace in the Earth and Sea CollectionPieces in this collection, which include natural materials such as jasper, turquoise, Chinese turquoise, jade, and lapis, suggest the earth's bounty.  Other materials, such as freshwater pearls, shell, and coral, suggest the sea.  Several pieces in this collection feature Jill's signature fire-painted copper and brass as focal items. This collection is mainly one-of-a-kind pieces; however similar pieces are often available using the same type of materials. 

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Jill White Jewelry:  The Artisana Collection

Necklace from the Artist's Choice CollectionThe Artisana Collection includes one-of-a-kind pendants, bracelets, and earrings fabricated by Jill.  Materials include sterling silver, copper, and brass, often embellished with natural gemstones. Most items feature Jill's signature flame-painted coloration and/or unique shapes and textures created through the traditional fold forming metal working technique.

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