About Jill’s Jewelry


All of Jill’s collections are designed and assembled by Jill White, using high-quality materials obtained from established, reputable dealers and suppliers.  Jill’s description of her pieces incorporates the information obtained from these sources.

Materials and Components

When describing the jewelry components, assigning a period is not an exact process.  In general, vintage refers to components of approximately 40-60 years old.  Antique describes components approximately 60-200 years old and ancient refers to items over 200 years old.

Silver is a basic component in Jill’s jewelry.  All sterling silver elements are at least 92.5% silver (the familiar “925” silver), although Hill Tribes silver and some contemporary Tuareg pendants will have a higher silver content.  Argentium silver is at least 92.5%, but will also resist tarnish.  Some older components, especially those from Africa, are “coin silver” or "high silver", which has a lower silver content of approximately 80% - 90%.  Older pieces may be of “German silver”, which is actually nickel silver.

All gemstone components are true gemstones, not imitations.  Turquoise is especially prone to imitation; however, items in Jill’s collections will be correctly labeled per information obtained from her suppliers and dealers.

Many beads, pendants, and other components in Jill's jewelry are obtained from Africa.  All such items are acquired through reputable dealers who are sanctioned by, working with, or otherwise supportive of African crafts and the fair treatment of the artisans who create them.

Ethiopian Coptic crosses and pendants are a common feature in Jill's work.  Jill rarely uses contemporary Ethiopian pieces, which are relatively plentiful, but often of lesser craftsmanship.  Unless otherwise stated, Jill's jewelry features only vintage, antique, or ancient Ehthiopian items, which embody both the history and patina of age that occurs as the pieces are passed from generation to generation.

Some pieces in the Ethnic Caravan and Artisana Collections may include ivory.  Jill uses only "found" fossilized mammoth or walrus ivory or existing ancient/antique ivory pieces already crafted as embellishments.  There is no banned ivory, horn, or bone in any of Jill's pieces.   

Caring for Jill White Jewelry

Jewelry made with gemstones and precious adornments should be carefully stored to avoid the pieces rattling or bumping against one another.  Silver can be stored in small plastic bags, ideally with an anti-tarnish strip.  Keep in mind that lotions and cosmetics can cause tarnish or discoloration.

Pieces with shell, coral, or gemstone components should not be wiped with or immersed in traditional jewelry cleaning products or subjected to ultrasonic cleaning.  To clean such pieces, use a soft cloth or gentle brush and mild soapy water; dry immediately with a soft towel.  Clean silver with a silver polishing cloth.  Copper and brass items fabricated by Jill are treated with a fixitive to preserve coloration and design.  These items should not be washed  or polished with any commercial copper cleaning products.

Returning a Purchase

Please note that we are not responsible for lost uninsured packages; you may choose insurance with your shipping preference at the time of purchase.

If jewelry you have purchased from us does not fit your needs, we will refund your purchase price provided that you contact us within four (4) days of receipt of your purchase and that you ship the item back to us in its original condition, with our item tag attached.  Please include a copy of the shipping notice that was included with the purchase.  For your own protection, we suggest that you purchase shipping insurance.  We cannot accept return of jewelry damaged after your receipt.  You are responsible for the cost of return shipping and insurance.  Your refund will be processed within five (5) days in the same manner of your original payment (e.g. PayPal, check, money order).