Jill White
About the Artist

Designer of contemporary jewelry with an organic, contemporary, and global flair

Jill White has spent most of her professional life as a college professor and administrator, her artistic inclinations taking a backseat to a career in education.  Her early creative endeavors favored textiles, needlework, quilting, and complicated fabric appliqué.  As her husband’s reputation in bladesmithing rose to an award-winning, international status, the couple became intrigued with making jewelry.  Although the two occasionally collaborate on pieces, Jill has developed her own award-winning design style, focusing on natural materials such as silver, copper,brass, coral, pearls, jade, jasper,  ancient stone, and turquoise. 

Jill is known for the exceptional flame-painted pieces she fabricates from silver, copper, and brass.  She hand forges the metal into shapes which are then annealed and further shaped into three-dimensional pendants, "boxes," and focal pieces.  Finally the item is  heat-fired or "flame painted" with a torch to create a stunning range of colors, often suggesting a distant landscape or desert sunset.  A fixative is applied to help ensure that the colors do not fade or darken.

Recent additions to Jill's metal pieces include fold-formed bracelets, pendants, and earrings.  Fold forming is a relatively new metal working technique developed by Charles Lewton-Brain, which uses the properties of the metal, through folding, heating, and unfolding it to create unique 3-D shapes and textures. Some pieces are also flame-painted, while others are left natural, with the fire scale sealed as a decorative finish.

Many of Jill's pieces may be categorized as ethnic jewelry, as they feature vintage amulets, beads, and pendants from China, Niger, Tibet, Ethiopia, Ghana, and the Dead Sea Valley, as well as antique American and African silver.  Many of these embellishments come from Jill's personal collection, which she has built through thirty years of fascination and appreciation of unique jewelry and personal adornment. The pieces in Jill’s eclectic collections are mostly one-of-a-kind, with a strong sense of history, adventure, and the natural world.

Jill and her husband John work in their studio on the bayou in Valparaiso, Florida.

Jill’s jewelry  can be seen not only online, but also at several Florida galleries and shops, as well as at numerous art shows and festivals in the Southeast.  Her pieces have been featured at shows in Atlanta, Jackson, MS., Fairhope AL,Little Rock, San Antonio, and in Palm Beach, St. Augustine, Destin, Jacksonville, Tallahassee, and Seaside, Florida.  Selected pieces are available online.  Go to the contact page to request a show and festival schedule.

Jill welcomes custom orders for similar pieces or for variations of items in the collections.

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